Saturday, September 29, 2007


In a lightning flash,
She sees a lifetime,
On the winding path she sits alone for a moment,
Thinks about chipped coffee mugs and stale Danish cookies,
And the open balcony and the doves
.....And those mornings
........And then she leaves.................
Where she goes,No one knows,Its just that she wont listen.

She'd be either walking with her guy
Or yakkin on her mobile
Givin' you the onceover
As she mischeviously passes you by

She's got the money baby
Yeah an' she's got the style
But the smile on her face baby
Ain't reachin' those eyes

Those stilletoes go boldly
Her head is head high
Her lipstick doesn't stain
Her glass of port wine

She's got around to being
Where she wanted to be
She's got to her dreams
She's got there early

She's at the bend in the road
Wondering where she's coming from
She's suddenly not sure
Where she now wants to go


Kaifiyat - The Trait said...

Seems like you have written the last para for me..!

Joles said...

Well, most modern women I know actually..