Sunday, February 10, 2008


I thought I saw you this evening.
I thought it was you,
As the sun went down.

As you turned while crossing the street
And smiling to yourself,
Hurried on.
Maybe someone, someday, somewhere,
Might read this and think
We were lovers,

Maybe they may think we were
Each other

You and I are the only ones
Who will ever know
Where the truth lies

Between you and me
And the covers
Watching the way time flies

(c) AnuragMathur2008


Bidisha said...

I am in love with this muse of yours.........nice blend of simplicity, purity and reality.
But i still prefer,
"Between you and me and the covers/Watching the way time flies"
And I dnt thnk that the word "Deeply" is necessary..........but its all the same to me as long as the "pome's" meaning remains the this muse........

Joles said...

Have made the changes..

Anonymous said...

aaaa, and it seems you are quite the writer as well.

thank you for stumbling across my blog
it has been a delight viewing yours.