Monday, September 8, 2008

The Look

Sometimes in the seconds that it takes to wait at a traffic light........

The lights change as we approach them and my friend Inder who is driving, removes his sandaled foot off the accelerator to let the Maruti cruise to the STOP line.A few seconds later an auto screeches to a halt on our left. Through the rolled up tinted glass of my window I gaze lazily to my side and see her sequined salwar, fall off her knees, to rest on a pair of beautiful stilletto shod feet, which taper off to her silver painted toes." I wonder what she looks like ", mumbles Inder from his driver's seat. do I

32......31.......30........29......28........27......A pair of beautifully manicured hands, retrieve a largish gold bracelet and fasten it on the right wrist. The sun catches the sparklers on her ring and shoots off slivers of light in our direction.

" Wow" says Inder. "Will we know what you look like Princess ?" I wonder


And then it happens.She leans forward, her eyes, limpid pools, squinting oh so slightly, to adjust to the glare, before quickly scanning her beautiful face in the tinted glass, a trace of a frown, as her eyebrows arch. She releases her dark tresses which now undammed by the ribbon, cascade in a huge wave down her shoulders to her back as she quickly runs a brush through the tide.She notices my gaze and blushes faintly before disappearing back.Was that a trace of a smile I see on those lips?The lights changed again.And we are gone.


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