Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Prince and The Pauper II

The Prince and the Pauper Part II
The Prince and the Pauper
Met in the street one night,
Both stared at the same night sky
And the same stars in sight
The Pauper sat on the footpath
Softly whisting a tune,
The Prince leaning against the lamp-post
Gazing wistfully at the moon
He turned to the Pauper
And wonderingly queried,
A question that was bothering him
And making him mentally tired
" Why are you so happy friend?
When you have nothing on you,
And all my worldly trappings of wealth
Only make me feel more blue?"

The Pauper stared back in silence
His eyes shining in the soft moon - light,
And replied ," My friend true happiness lies
Not in what you have or in all your might
Not in the armies you command
Not in the ceremonies you live,
But of the wisdom and love in you,
How much you can give"

(C) Anurag Mathur 2006

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