Thursday, April 22, 2010


There's a new light shining at 40,000 feet

An' you know it aint from the stars,

There's a beautiful smile going up and down the aisle

And you know its straight from the heart

She's walking on air,

with her feet on the ground

Before you know it she's by your side

As she hands out stuff folks are gonna need

If they want a comfortable ride

She's smiling at you as she passes by

An' your wish is her supreme commmand

When you say" Thank you",

please look her in the eye

And sure mean it with all your heart

She's the first to greet you as you arrive

And the last to bid you goodbye

And when you're leaving,

she's really really hoping

" You've had a wonderful flight"

(C) Anurag Mathur, 2005

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