Monday, June 20, 2011


She perched herself on my window sill,
As she had done a thousand mornings before
And every single day ever since,
Till it had become a neccessary chore

To scatter the bread crumbs at the break of dawn,
And wait till she came for her breakfast
Watch her nibble till she'd finished them all,
And settle for our morning talk

She was extremely happy she cawed,
'So I am to be the topic of the day'
The beady eyes twinkled with unexpected glee,
I mockingly tried to shoo her away

'Don't be so happy,' I frowned,
I just can't think of what to write'
'That's because you are verily drowned '
She mocked, 'In your own sweet delusions of tripe'

'What does your job or even the lack of it,
Or even your poems or your glitterati
Or your fancying yourself a page 3 socialite,
Matter to someone who doesn't care where you party?'

' Are you saying my life is worthless ?,' I asked
Not sure of what she'd have to say
She turned her head at that strange angle
That only she could and fixed at me a cold stare

She said, ' Maybe not but come fly with me
Maybe I'll be able to show you how,
The lives of so many around you today are sadly changing
While all you do is sit on your perch and caw'

As I was recovering from this unexpected tirade,
She asked, ' Can you make a difference to even one life,
Maybe give a smile to someone in pain
Or even hold someone's hand as they walk alone in the rain?'

I pondered over this for a long while
Long after she had flown away.
Before I go with her on that flight
I need to change Myself, TODAY.

(C) Anurag Mathur

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