Monday, September 24, 2012

The Ballad of You and I

I was standing at the gate
Waiting for friends who were late
When I saw you sail by

I saw you and lost control,
Beauty had to take its toll
I nearly fainted and sighed

There she goes , I thought
She isn’t mine so what
There ‘s no harm in making a try
Moments later in the class
Was waiting for time to pass
Youwalked in and I couldn’t believe my eyes !

You sat in the front rows
With the guys we called the bores
Oh ! So pretty and so shy
A mystery to everyone
With looks meant to stun
At the end of class you just walked away

I lay awake all night
Thinking what you might
Say if walked up and said “ Hi !”

You had to clear a doubt
I don’t remember what about
You said , “ Excuse me” and I nearly died

I barely fumbled what I knew
Was so enchanted by you
I forget what I said in reply

Memories of that dialogue
Cleared my mental smog
nd a very very happy man was I

Well I made no more progress
Or any attempt to start afresh
I can’t explain so please don’t ask me why
Though I liked you from the start
From the bottom of my heart
I didn’t reckon time would fly

So fast and now you’re to go
I wonder why I didn’t say before
“We could have been friends, you and I”

(C) Anurag Mathur 1987

(C) Anurag Mathur

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