Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Cracks Conversations

 From Promilla Qazi's wall -

Cracks on roof
Cracks on walls
Cracks getting wider
In between hearts
Cracks finally giving way
...To white noise and
Silent lies
Cracks giving hollow aura
Cracks pulling to darker sides
My Response
Cracks on the ceilin',
Cracks on the wall,
Cracks opening up to show us,

The fragility of it all
Cracks tell a story
Cracks kill the make believe,
Cracks never tell lies,
Cracks never deceive

Cracks test you out
To see your own desire,
To save what's cracking up,
And save it from the pyre
Of misguided delusions,
Powered by ego and greed,
Cracks are warning signs
Cracks are asking you to pay heed.

(C) Anurag Mathur 2012

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